Cookies Policy

17 July 2024

Tracking & Cookies Data

A "cookie" is a little amount of file that is deliver to your browser from a web server and placed on your device, be it a computer, tablet or smartphone, to offer websites remember who you are as well as data about your visit.

As most websites, we also apply cookies in our website. We used cookies in the way defined so that we can ensure you with a better and more personalized experience of our website.

Types of Cookies we use:

Session Cookies: A session cookie includes data that is placed on a transient memory location and then subsequently removed after the session is finished or the web browser is closed. This cookie gathers information that the visitor has entered and follows the movements of the visitor within the website. Our website applies Session Cookies to operate its service.

Permanent Cookies: Even when you have closed the browser, permanent cookies remain in operation. These cookies remember user's login details and password so he/she does not have to enter them in each time user access the website. We recommend you to remove these cookies after a certain time.

Analytics cookies: These types of cookies are applied on our website to provide us to get an comprehension of how visitors are using our website. Analytics cookies show us how often user visit our website and how user is accessing it. These cookies are very important in assisting us to develop our website and user's experience when visiting our site.

Advertising Cookies: We operate these types of cookies to serve user with advertisements that may be appropriate to user and his/her interests on our website.

Third Party Cookies: Some of the cookies that are placed on user device when accessing our site which are supplied by third parties. These cookies are applied in order for a third party to ensure us with a service or enable some functionality on the website. We do not have control over those cookies since they are ensured by third parties.

How we use Cookies

1. Our website access cookies and other technologies to help in recording non-personal statistical data such as how much time is spent reading the content of a particular page, or which banner advertisements acquire the biggest amount of clicks by our visitors. Such technologies assist us develop our website, our marketing activities and user experience. Most web browsers are adjusted to accept cookies by default. If user opts, he/she can select to adjust his/her browser to delete cookies and to refuse cookies. If user choose to delete cookies or refuse cookies, this could influence particular features or services of our website.

2. Cookies are actually small piece of data that the site transfers to user hard drive or other website browsing equipment for record-keeping purposes.

3. While data gathered through cookies provides us no personal information (that's why it does not gather matters such as user's name and surname) it does permit us to serve adverts and other content, which, based on the data stored by the cookie. This can include customized advertisements and targeted services. Cookies, for this reason, are accessed to develop user's online experience, as well as for analytics and for marketing, but specifically, our website applies cookies on the site for the purposes mentioned above.

4. Retaining individual information about our visitors we may combine it with the data acquired from cookies, in order prominently access it anytime user visit our website and use our services in accordance with his/her preferences.

Any time user can disable cookies in his/her browser, on the other hand, this will decrease the value he/she can gain in terms of being useful and interesting content. It will also revoke any browser customization you may have put in place. Deleting cookies may also have the impact of deleting your opt-out settings from particular sites that access cookies to record opt-outs/unsubscribe preferences.